Knit for Tibet

People from all around the world - from Sydney to Seattle - have knitted 100% wool scarves, beanies, mittens, jumpers/sweaters and other garments for the victims through "Knit for Tibet". 

Wool-Aid continues to send an average of two shipments a month to Tibet, two boxes each time. In 2013, that equated to 46 boxes that included more than 2238 items (and weighing about half a ton). In 2014 so far, 22 boxes have been sent, containing 966 items, including more than 200 sweaters.

Helping the people in Kyegu is a really important mission for our Wool-Aid knitters. Many of them send items in with a request that they specifically be sent to Tibet.

The HUGE amount of support from Wool-Aid based in the USA is so VERY VERY gratefully received. we cannot thank them enough and nor can the people who benefit from their generosity in Tibet. THANK YOU!

To knit for this project please contact us.

Just some of the thousands of beautifully knitted garments gratefully received below....!!!